I teach two lectures about biodiversity in Global Environmental Change. As part of that, I mention ecosystem services, using New York City’s water supply as an example. NYC has invested in managing the Catskills watershed rather than an expensive treatment plant to secure its water quality. Here is an article about that effort.

I also cover some examples of trophic interactions and their role in regulating ecological communities (and the things that humans derive from them). You can see a video about the apparent trophic cascade arising from wolves in Yellowstone National Park. The video is quite evocative. However, as this is a non-replicated correlative study, the scientific evidence about the influence of wolves is not settled, and the video perhaps overstates the strength of evidence.

Here is a link to my blog post about efficiently saving the threatened.

There is a news story today (1 May 2014) about corroboree frog reintroduction.

Another post relevant to the subject can be found here.

And sorry about not turning my phone off in the class today. It reminded me of this.

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