Vacation jobs with GHD

GHD are advertising for vacation jobs for “undergraduate students at the end of their third year” in the coming summer. I’d imagine that these positions would also be suitable for honours and Masters students who are interested in working in environmental consulting. Several students in the University of Melbourne’s masters programs have been offered vacation employment with GHD in previous years, and they have often then joined GHD via their graduate recruitment program. I understand that applications close on 31 August. For information from GHD, see here:


The diversity of science careers

Many different scientific career opportunities exist. Sometimes a “traditional” science career is portrayed as students travelling from undergrad, to postgrad, a post-doc research position or two, and then an academic position at a university.


First-person science career stories

Of course, such a career trajectory is atypical. Most scientists end up in other professions, branching out at various points from this academic path, and sometimes even veering back onto it. The variety of paths is almost as great as the variety of people on them.

It is not always easy to see examples of this diversity of career paths. That makes the website MySciCareer all the more useful. There you can read first-hand accounts of people who have followed various career paths in science.

So, if you are wondering about the options available in science, hop on over to MySciCareer, and browse around. You could even consider contributing a story.

Graduate Careers Fair, 6 March 2013

The graduate careers fair is on tomorrow at the Royal Exhibition Building (noon – 4 p.m.). Various employers will be there, with at least one of the booths staffed by a previous graduate of the masters program at The University of Melbourne (GHD booth).

More information: