We’re looking at detectability this week in Environmental Monitoring & Audit. Here are some relevant links:

1. First, check out Guru and Jose’s video explaining why detectability is important in species distribution models (there’s also some bloopers).

2. Then we have Georgia’s post about setting minimum survey effort requirements to detect a species at a site.

3. Another by Georgia about her trait-based model of detection.

4. And finally, a paper showing that Georgia’s time to detection model can efficiently estimate detectability.

And if you want more about detectability, check out a few posts of mine.


Species distribution models

In a few weeks we’ll look at species distribution models in Environmental Modelling. Dave Harris, a PhD student at UC Davis, gave a talk recently on species distribution models. It has some great insights into modelling. You can listen to it here.

Species distribution modelling

Next Monday in Environmental Modelling, we’ll be looking at species distribution models (SDMs). Coincidentally, Brendan Wintle has written a short overview of issues to consider with SDMs on the qaeco website. Check it out here.